Glossy & Flavoursome Veggie Dim Sums! (Made from scratch)


Call them Dim sums, call them Momos or call them dumplings– it’s one and the same thing! In India, we stick to the Tibetan term Momos and it is a wildly popular street-food in most cities. Here, I am using the Chinese term- ‚Dim sum‘, simply as it is more universally recognized.

Steamed food is one thing that is very, very far from my comfort zone! In fact, I have only recently started making Idlis and Dhoklas (Indian savory snacks) from scratch at home, after having brought a little Idli steamer back from India. So, when the theme for this week’s Foodie Monday bloghop was decided as ‚Steamed food‘, naturally I was very nervous.

In the past, I have tried my hand at making dimsums once, and it was a total disaster. I had this little steaming plate that had come as a complimentary gift with my pressure…

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